Top Tips for Choosing the Best OWB Holster

Due to its accessibility, adjustability, and comfort, the OWB holster ranks among the popular methods of carrying a firearm. The holster can be carried openly or concealed though it’s not easy to cover up like an IWB holster. The custom design outside the waistband (OWB) holster is mainly preferred by military forces, outdoorsmen, gun enthusiasts, and professionals. Do you like carrying a revolver or large semi automatic? Are concealed carry holsters your most preferred choice? You might want to opt for an OWB holster with broad wings firmly secured by the belt. Are you thinking of picking an OWB holster? It’s pretty daunting choosing the BEST option. Selecting the right holster will help you save costs while improving your security. Below are tips for choosing the best holster.

Look for features that are adjustable and suit your preference

Ensure you choose an OWB holster that complements both your body and your gun. If your gun doesn’t match your holster, it can affect your draw. Consider the ride height and cant of holsters. There are three ride height options to choose from, shallow, deep, and standard. Select the one that matches your clothing, height and conceals your weapon well. Holster cants depend on your carry position, comfort, and safety when handling your pistol. While you can adjust the cant to  -30 and +30 degrees, -15 to +15 degrees won’t be a bad idea for easy handling of the gun. Make sure your holster’s ride height and cant are adjustable. If they aren’t easily adjusted, it will be an arduous chore to make the holster match your body type.

Check safety features

Why are you using a gun? Your best answer will be for safety reasons. Whereas you use the gun to keep your loved ones and property safe from unfavorable elements, you should ensure the holster boosts safety too. Some holsters don’t enclose the trigger guard, which could get torn and fire through the holsters. Furthermore, few may conceal the trigger guard, however, making the material stick out. This can cause the gun to fire itself when holstering it. Kydex holsters are built to cover the trigger guard so it wouldn’t project out during holstering. Ideally, any holster you choose should cover the trigger guard. Choose right!.

Check the durability of the holster

Besides Kydex, holsters are made from other materials such as nylon and leather. Consider the durability of these materials before choosing a holster. Kydex is thin, compact, and durable; hence it’s the best material for the holster. Kydex holsters are easy to maintain, lasting for many years. Just wipe off dust and dirt, and they’ll still be in shape. The Kydex holster works with adjustable hardware, which helps to keep the holster and gun in place. You can opt for oxide steel hardware since it’s not prone to rust and helps with concealment. The hardware has a thread lock that firmly secures your gun. The black color of the hardware conceals the weapon. While nylon and leather holsters are good choices, it’s not advisable as they are not as durable as the former. In addition, the nylon option is one-size-fits-all; thus, your gun may not fit inadequately.

Work with your budget

Though you want the best OWB holster for your pistol, be sure you work with your budget. While searching for the ideal holster, you will likely come across lovely leather options or beautiful designs that seem irresistible. No doubt, leather looks exquisite, but it’s pricey. A better alternative may be nylon which is cost-efficient. Although you’re trying to spend within your means, you shouldn’t waste money on a holster that isn’t durable. Nylon can only last for a few years, so you will have to spend more on maintenance or purchase another holster. Many people prefer the Kydex holster. Kydex is quite pricey than nylon but cheaper than leather. Spending more on Kydex will benefit you in the long run as you’re assured of durability and reliability.

Choose a holster with retention capacity

The retention capacity is an essential factor to consider before choosing a holster. Can the holster retain your gun? Will it keep your pistol in place? Ensure you think about this before making a purchasing decision. If the gun won’t fit in well in the holster, it’s best you select another one.  Guess you’re wondering why it’s crucial to choose retention holsters. Holsters with retention capacity prevent your gun from bouncing and flying in the air when exercising. Retention holsters allow easy and smooth drawing of guns. A Kydex holster with adjustable retention is regarded as the best option. Check more the comprehensive guide from

Prioritize comfort

When you’re considering a holster, think about comfort as well. A holster that makes you uncomfortable is probably not the ideal one for you. You’re more likely to rip off any holster that causes inconvenience. With properly designed belt clips and adjustability, your holster will be rightly positioned regardless of what you wear. How much does the holster weigh? Check the weight because it invariably influences comfort. A heavily built holster will possibly weigh you down, making you uncomfortable. Your gun is heavy already, don’t add to the weight. Kydex holsters provide the most comfort.

Consider the ease of drawing and attachment

You might have to draw your gun often; hence you should opt for a holster that allows easy drawing. A Kydex holster with suitable retention, ride height, and cant seems like a good choice. Also, choose a holster that is easy to put on and off. Ensure your holster attaches to your clothing. In addition, make sure the holster clips are fastened securely to your outfit.

The tips mentioned above can be summed into a sentence of advice: Choose a holster that matches both your gun and your body. While choosing the best holster may seem unrealistic, ensure you look out for features that suit your needs. Once you’ve figured that out, you’re one step from picking the right holster for your gun. Are you looking to choose a holster? Follow the tips listed above.

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